Azerbaijani snipers destroy targets with accurate fire at int’l contest

The “Sniper Frontier” contest, held in the Yazd city of the Islamic Republic of Iran, continues, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry told News.Az. 

On August 25, the tasks of the contest’s third stage were fulfilled. In accordance with the terms of the first stage’s exercise, Azerbaijani snipers, operating in teams, destroyed targets appearing at a distance of 300-600 meters with accurate fire.

During the next exercise, the first sniper pair accomplished the tasks of shooting at targets located at a distance of 150-200 meters, as well as overcoming a distance of 300 meters by running with weapons. Then the second sniper pair demonstrated their skills in destroying special targets appearing at a distance of 300-600 meters.

The contest participants are successfully fulfilling the assigned tasks.


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