Biden signs bill ending national emergency for COVID-19

US President Joe Biden signed a bill late Monday ending the national emergency over COVID-19, News.Az reports citing Anadolu Agency. 

Biden approved the bill, which was proposed to Congress by House Republicans and was approved by both chambers.

The bill ends the national emergency declared by former President Donald Trump on March 13, 2020 as well as a public health emergency declared that January.

The ending of the national emergency will also end a number of COVID-related exemptions within the context of Medicare and Medicaid healthcare programs.

COVID-19 measures have been eased all around the country for some time.

Republicans proposed the bill, referring to President Biden's "COVID is over" remarks last year. They also opposed a number of public health regulations such as mandatory vaccinations and mask wearing.

The bill was passed earlier this year in the House of Representatives with a 220-210 party-line vote. It cleared the Senate last month in a bipartisan 68-23 vote.

The White House Office of Management and Budget announced that the "national emergency" and "public health emergency" status would end as of May 11 in order to "curb the wide-ranging chaos and uncertainty throughout the healthcare system."


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