Ebola no longer a threat - health experts

Health experts Friday assured the people in the Democratic Republic of Congo that the Ebola pandemic is no longer a threat because the country now has an Ebola vaccine and medications, News.Az reports citing Anadolu Agency. 

The UN radio in DR Congo reported on Friday that Ebola vaccine and medicines have been developed and the disease, according to medical officers in DR Congo, should not scare people anymore.

Addressing a press conference organized by the US ambassador in Kinshasa on COVID-19, Epidemiologist Dr. Jean-Jacques Muyembe, speaking on behalf of his colleagues, said Ebola disease can be treated and cured through the new vaccine and drugs.

“Ebola is no longer the disease that scares us. We have the vaccine, we also have two molecules to treat the sick. Those who show symptoms can be treated and cured. One of the molecules is called Ebanga, developed with the help of our colleagues from the United States,” Muyembe said.

“We believe that the current epidemic will be quickly controlled if the origin of this disease is determined. We are talking about the first case that came from Boende. We don't know if he was infected in Boende or Mbandaka. That is the fundamental question. Epidemiologists are working on it.”

The assurances come as the country registered a third confirmed case of Ebola early this week. DR Congo has been hit with several epidemics of Ebola which claimed dozens of lives in the past.


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