EU-WHO project provides training to spokespersons of organizations engaged in pandemic response in Azerbaijan

One of the main lessons learned during major public health emergencies, including COVID-19 pandemic, is that risk communication is integral to the success of responses to the emergencies.

According to the WHO Country Office in Azerbaijan, proactive communication with the public helps to alleviate confusion and avoid misunderstandings and encourage collective behaviors to contain the spread of the virus.

Given the importance of the effective risk communication, European Union (EU)-World Health Organization’s (WHO) joint Solidarity for Health Initiative project organized online training on Advice for spokespersons: working with the media during COVID-19. The training was joined by more than 20 representatives of 12 organizations. In the capacity building training, experts from WHO Regional Office for Europe shared recommendations on how to tailor the public health messages, to become better interviewee and communicate clearly with the audience.

The training is complimentary to the previous risk communication training, which EU-WHO project held for journalists and healthcare workers in December 2020 and January 2021.


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