EXCLUSIVE: Resettlement of Lebanese Armenians in occupied Azerbaijani lands is ‘another Armenian provocation’ – Matthew Bryza

The resettlement of Armenians from Lebanon in the occupied Azerbaijani territories is another provocation by the Armenian side, Matthew Bryza, former U.S. ambassador to Azerbaijan and former OSCE Minsk Group co-chair, exclusively told News.Az.

He was commenting on a video recently released by the so-called “representative” of the separatist regime in connection with the relocation of Lebanese Armenians to Azerbaijan’s Shusha city occupied by Armenia.

“It is really unhelpful that the Armenian government shows Shusha as the place for these people to be resettled. Shusha is such a sensitive place for Azerbaijan. Everyone knows that Shusha is considered one of the cradles of Azerbaijani culture. So, there is plenty of space in Armenia rather the occupied Azerbaijani territories to resettle these people and to help them have a better life,” the former diplomat noted.

“So to me, it is really a provocation by the Armenian side that makes it much more difficult to consider how negotiations could get back on track for a peaceful and fair settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict,” Bryza added.


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