France pursues policy of humanitarian terrorism against Corsicans – Azerbaijani MP

“The French state, its political leadership talks a lot about human rights and freedoms, chants slogans about protecting the rights of national minorities, and presents itself as a humanist state. But in reality, takes steps contrary to this. Since 1768, France has occupied Corsica and suppressed the national liberation movement of the Corsican people and deprived them of their right to independence,” member of the Azerbaijani Parliament, political scientist Elman Nasirov told

According to E. Nasirov, France pursues the same policy today and it is called the new colonial policy: “The French state uses ugly methods against the Corsicans. For a long period of history, Corsicans have wanted Corsican to be an official language alongside French, and about 150,000 people speak this language. But the French government does not agree at all that the native language of Corsicans is accepted as their official language. This is actually a policy of humanitarian terrorism.”

“These steps also define the essence of France. French President Emmanuel Macron has actually deprived Corsicans of the right to officially recognize their mother tongue and to speak their mother tongue. It was the same in 1768. It was the same in the time after that, and these days, the French state and its current political leadership, which talks about democracy, freedom, human rights, and freedoms take the same steps and apply the same policy in the 20th century in its more strange variants,” the political scientist said. 

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