Gazprom halts Nord Stream gas supplies until turbine gas damage cured — company

Gazprom has identified damages during activities at the last operating gas compressor unit of the Nord Stream pipeline and has to completely halt pumping until they are cured, the Russian gas company said on Friday, reports citing TASS.

During activities at gas compressor unit (GCU No. 24) of Portovaya compressor station, performed jointly with Siemens representatives, Gazprom found oil leakage with sealing compound admixture along terminal connections of cable lines of low and intermediate pressure rotor speed sensors, the company said.

"The letter on detected malfunctions of Trent 60 (No. 24) unit and the need to cure them was sent to President and Chief Executive Officer of Siemens Energy AG Christian Bruch. Gas transport to the Nord Stream gas pipeline is completely halted until remedial actions for equipment operation," the gas holding informed.

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