Greece was alerted about migrant boat, Frontex chief confirms

EU’s border agency had alerted Greek authorities about a migrant boat a day before it was capsized off the coast of Greece, its chief Hans Leijtens has confirmed, reports citing Anadolu.

“My colleagues detected on Tuesday a fishing boat, heading for Greece, with around 600 people aboard,” Frontex chief Leijtens said in an interview with German daily Suddeutsche Zeitung.

“We reported the boat to the local authorities, as it is our duty. It is incredibly sad that it sank on Wednesday and that there has been another tragic accident,” he said.

Leijtens said immediately after the tragic incident he travelled to Greece to understand what exactly happened, and how can Frontex provide more protection.

At least 78 migrants drowned off southwestern Greece on Wednesday after the fishing boat they were in capsized.

A total of 104 migrants were rescued, but the number of deaths is feared to rise as survivors said the vessel was carrying more than 600 migrants, mostly from Pakistan, Egypt and Syria.

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