Guram Markhulia: Armenia's future is in serious doubt

The Armenian authorities have shown themselves completely incompetent in what measures to take to prevent the growth of coronavirus infection in the country, Georgian historian and political analyst Guram Markhulia told

According to him, the population of Armenia no longer believes in the fairytale promises of Nikol Pashinyan's government for a bright and prosperous future.

"Armenians want a normal life from the authorities today, they can no longer be fed with promises. Pashinyan's team has also shown its incompetence in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. He himself has already admitted that the number of those infected with COVID-19 is far from the current statistics, and the number of those infected can be estimated at 100 thousand. This shows the desperation of the authorities, that they are cornered," he said.

The expert also stressed that the COVID-19 pandemic has become by no means a gift for the country's authorities and the social welfare of the population.

"Armenia's economic situation has not promised any bright future, given its unwillingness to establish normal relations with its neighbors, to abandon its aggressive policy towards Azerbaijan and to liberate its occupied lands. Analyzing all these circumstances, in particular the economic blockade of the country, as well as depriving it of participation in all the most significant regional projects, we can conclude that the future of this country is extremely questionable", he concluded.


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