Main goal of the propaganda process initiated by the same center is to protect Armenia and put pressure on Azerbaijan: Political scientist

“We witness some Western countries initiate serious propaganda against Azerbaijan,” Zaur Mammadov, chairman of the Baku Club of Political Scientists told

“Azerbaijan is the closest ally of NATO country Türkiye, plays a special role in Europe's energy security, and at the same time, it is about to play a special role in the field of transport and communication. However, a question arises when we come across articles in some Western European media outlets written by Armenian or pro-Armenian authors against Azerbaijan: “Who needs this and why?”, Political scientist emphasized.

The political scientist stressed that it is a very positive nuance that most European countries understand the importance of developing relations with Azerbaijan: “However, many groups, including some forces from France, try to aggravate the situation in the region. Factors such as the protection of Armenia’s border should be considered here. Therefore, without holding any meeting the OSCE delegation was quickly sent to Armenia based on the proposal of the French Foreign Ministry, and the mission of the European Commission based on Macron's proposal was sent to Armenia. This did not go unnoticed by the Azerbaijani public. At the same time, we see that those who blame Azerbaijan for some issues clearly ignore the crimes committed by Armenia against Azerbaijan.”

The political scientist noted that all this shows that the main goal of these processes, initiated by the same or similar centers, is to protect Armenia and put pressure on Azerbaijan: “However, they will not succeed.”

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