Peru mourns growing protester death toll, as govt seeks confidence vote

A three-day mourning period began in southern Peru on Tuesday after 17 more people were killed in the most violent day of protests since they began in December over the ousting of former President Pedro Castillo, reports citing Reuters.

The mourning period in the southeastern region of Puno came as Prime Minister Alberto Otarola was set to appear in the opposition-dominated Congress, seeking a vote of confidence in his cabinet - a constitutional requirement to lead a new government.

Otarola regretted the deaths on Monday night and said the unrest was caused by organized attackers financed by "dark" money, in a day in which at least 68 civilians and 75 police officers were injured according to the local ombudsman.

Social protests have left a total of 39 dead so far in different parts of the country.

Authorities called on prosecutors on Monday to launch investigations against those responsible.

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