‘Such atrocities will undermine peace talks’: Russian expert on torture of Azerbaijani soldier by Armenia

The atrocities committed by Armenian armed forces will undermine Baku-Yerevan peace talks, Yevgeny Mikhailov, a Russian political scientist, specialist in interethnic conflicts and security expert, told News.Az.  

He was commenting on the video clearly showing physical torture and inhuman treatment against the captured Azerbaijani soldier.

“I was not at all surprised when I saw the video depicting violence against an Azerbaijani soldier by Armenian armed forces. The video clearly shows the violation of international rules for the treatment of prisoners of war. If we remember the first Karabakh war, as documents indicate, the armed forces of the other side [Armenia] killed civilians without hesitation. They also tortured the captives to death,” Mikhailov said.

The Russian expert said he does not believe in any strong reaction from the international community to Armenia’s actions. “The main thing is that the Azerbaijani state and military well understand who takes a stand against them.”

“Of course, such atrocities will undermine the peace talks. But in any case, there is no need to suspend talks. In such cases, it is necessary to act in line with international laws of peace and diplomacy. To my mind, Azerbaijan, as a strong state, is famous for these qualities,” Mikhailov said.

“Necessary steps are needed to be taken to show the world community that Armenia should fulfill its obligations and withdraw its armed formations from the territory of Azerbaijan,” the Russian expert added.


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