Turkish MP reveals main condition for opening Armenia with Armenia

Türkiye will not open the border with Armenia until all the problems between Azerbaijan and Armenia are resolved, said Shamil Ayrim, member of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, head of the Friendship Group with Azerbaijan during his speech at the commemoration ceremony in Ankara on the occasion of the 32nd anniversary of the Khojaly genocide, organized by the Türkiye -Azerbaijan friendship foundation and Turkish Grand National Assembly.

He noted that Armenia should change its Constitution which reflects its territorial claims against Azerbaijan and Türkiye. Otherwise, peace won't be possible with such a state. According to his words Azerbaijan and Türkiye watch this process closely.

Shamil Ayrim, stating that the relations between the two countries have deepened under the principles derived from the Shusha Declaration, also emphasized that the unification of the entire Turkic world is extremely important.


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