Armenia's MoD not providing any help to serviceman injured in ‘four-day war’

Albert Martoyan, a native of the town of Vardenis in Armenia’s Gegharkunik province, lost the bottoms of both his feet to frostbite while serving on the Nagorno

Martoyan has written to to about the run around he’s been given by various government agencies regarding his medical treatment and his need for orthopedic shoes.

In the video published by Hetq Martoyan describes the problems he’s faced trying to get some modicum of satisfaction from state officials, especially those at the defense ministry. It also shows the pieces of cork he was given by the ministry to place in his boots.

Ministry officials have refused to assist Martoyan with his housing problem even though he’s legally entitled to an apartment. Martoyan, who can no longer work, let alone walk normally, needs help in paying off various debts.


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