Armenia's terrorist organizations committed terrorist acts in 22 countries over the world - MFA

“Today is International Day of Remembrance and Tribute to Victims of Terrorism. On this day, we remember and honor memories of innocent victims of Armenian terrorist attacks,” Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has made a post on its X (former Twitter) account, reports.

“Azerbaijan is not the only victim of Armenian terrorism. It is well-known that being a country supporting terrorism at the state level, Armenia's terrorist organizations, including ASALA committed more than 235 terrorist acts in 22 countries over the world.

Following territorial claims against Azerbaijan, Armenian terrorist organizations targeted Azerbaijani civilians since the 1980s. About 30 large-scale terrorist acts, including bombings of public buses & metro trains, were committed against Azerbaijani civilians.

Accompanied by terrorist attacks, genocides, and crimes against humanity were committed against the civilian population during the occupation of Armenia. Khojaly Genocide, in which 613 Azerbaijanis were killed within one night is one of the vivid examples of these crimes.

“Instead of denouncing terrorism, Armenia has engaged in the glorification of terrorism. The recent unveiling of a monument in Yerevan dedicated to the terrorist Nemesis operation is one of the indications of that. Such irresponsible steps must be strongly condemned by the int'l community.

On International Day For Victims of Terrorism, as a country suffering from terrorism that is threatening int'l peace and security, we are committed to further contribute to int'l counter-terrorism efforts,” the ministry tweeted.

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