Azerbaijan showed humanism by giving Armenia additional time to return Kalbajar – expert

Baku has demonstrated high humanism giving Armenia 10 more days to withdraw its troops and civilians from Azerbaijan’s Kalbajar district, Yevgeny Mikhailov, a Russian expert on international security issues, told News.Az.

He noted that the same attitude can never be expected by the Armenian side.

Mikhailov said there are no changes in the timetable for return of other occupied districts to Azerbaijan. “Everything is going on according to plan. I think there will be no surprises,” he added.

The expert also emphasized the acts of vandalism by the Armenians on Azerbaijani lands. He said the fact that Armenians are cutting down trees and burning houses that they did not build and crying about their bitter fate causes only disappointment and pity.

“When the Armenians drove peaceful Azerbaijanis out of their native lands, they were given several hours; otherwise they were only expected to die,” Mikhailov said, urging Yerevan and the Armenian people to appreciate Azerbaijan’s humane gesture and not regard it as weakness.  

The expert said all acts of vandalism by Armenians will be taken into account.

“Compensation for Azerbaijan’s losses from the 30-year occupation of its lands should also be taken into account. Armenia will have to pay compensation for many years,” he concluded.


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