Azerbaijan to allocate loans for fields with low production

Azerbaijan will allocate loans for fields with low production, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said at the republican conference of non-oil exporters in Yevlakh.

Speaking about Azerport portal, the president said that the portal should be provided with comprehensive data: “Entrepreneurs should enter information about themselves and regularly get information what is needed and what orders are posted on this portal. Because we already see its results. A number of contracts about the activity of the portal have already been signed. However, what do we see at the same time? Sometimes, we get order but don’t have products to export. Therefore, this portal does not only aim that we export our product, while this is the first duty. At the same time, this portal will give us information about what regions need what product but Azerbaijan cannot produce this product sufficiently. So, the state will allocate loans for that field via the National Entrepreneurship Support Fund. The entrepreneurs will find that if they product that product, it will have market. Therefore, all Azerbaijani companies should enter information about their products in the portal and follow tha portal. Of course, the state bodies should regularly monitor. Demand will stimulate the supply”.  


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