Azerbaijani presidential aide holds meeting with ICRC Baku Office to discuss humanitarian issues

Hikmat Hajiyev, Assistant to the President of Azerbaijan, Head of the Foreign Policy Affairs Department of the Presidential Administration, held a meeting with the ICRC Baku Office and other international partners to discuss humanitarian issues.

During the meeting, the strict observance of the International Humanitarian Law by the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan and by all means, avoiding collateral damage during the local anti-terrorist measures, which lasted 23 hours and 51 minutes, were commended, Hajiyev said on X, News.Az reports.

“As the Prime Minister of Armenia himself admitted, civilians were not harmed. In this regard, unverified and unserious statements by EU, French, and German officials remain incomprehensible.

During the meeting with ICRC, we stated that all necessary conditions are provided and will be provided for the delivery of medicine, food and other goods by ICRC via Lachin-Khankendi and Aghdam-Khankendi roads.

Azerbaijani side is ready to provide medical assistance to wounded servicemen of Armenian origin or help them through the ICRC. Upon the inquiry movement of ICRC medical vehicles is supported to collect wounded military personnel. For this purpose, we are also ready to allocate emergency medical vehicles and provide medical care.

For medical evacuations to Armenia medical vehicles can also come from Armenia.

Work is underway with Russian Peacekeepers to collect the bodies of combatants left on the field.

We support to receive additional personnel from the ICRC Geneva Office. We also support sending of additional personnel from the Baku office to Khankendi sub-office.

On the basis of voluntary and individual choice, we ensure the safety of the movement of civilians with their own vehicles along the Khankendi-Lachin road. Those who want to go are mostly family members of military personnel.

Military personnel who voluntarily lay down their weapons are free as we openly stated.

Within the concept of civil-military cooperation, Azerbaijani military and civilian personnel on the ground are helping civilians and will continue to do so,” the presidential aide added. 

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