Azerbaijan's Coordination Headquarters holds regular meeting to address urgent issues on liberated lands

In order to address socio-economic, humanitarian, organizational and other urgent issues, as well as coordinate activities in these areas in Azerbaijan’s lands liberated from Armenian occupation, the country's Coordination Headquarters, established by the presidential order of 24 November 2020, held a regular meeting.

Upon opening the meeting, Head of the Presidential Administration Samir Nuriyev informed the meeting participants about the instructions by the head of state and the work carried out in accordance with the outlined strategic aims.

He noted that the main current tasks for the country are the dynamic and high-quality implementation of restoration work, which is of nationwide importance, as well as the efficient use of the latest standards and technologies in these processes.

Nuriyev stressed the importance of coordinated and consistent phased implementation of work by the relevant structures on the basis of instructions from the head of state.

During the meeting, the work on the schedule of ministries and other government agencies based on the Strategic Activity Plan and the Action Plan drawn up by the Coordination Headquarters was reviewed.

The Center that operates under the Headquarters, in which Working Groups in 17 areas function, employs about 150 people and manages 55 structures. Experts in various fields are also involved in the work of the Center.


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