Daesh trapped after Iraqi forces recapture Mosul airport - US envoy

Fighters of the Islamic State [Daesh] terror group (outlawed in Russia) are now trapped in Mosul after Iraqi forces recaptured the city’s airport, US Special Pr

"Congratulations to Iraqi forces for completing complex maneuver ops to secure Mosul airport from ISIS [Islamic State] terrorists. ISIS is now trapped," McGurk said in a Twitter post, Trend reports.

​Earlier on Thursday, Iraqi troops and federal police, backed by the US-led coalition against the Islamic State, entered the Mosul airport. The airport had been occupied by Daesh fighters.

Iraq’s state media later reported that the country’s special forces were fully in control of the airport.

The advance was part of the operation to retake western Mosul from the Daesh. Iraqi and US-led coalition forces liberated the eastern part of the city in January.


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