EU, France still refuse to accept new realities in South Caucasus: Azerbaijani MP

The European Union and France still refuse to accept the realities emerging in the South Caucasus, Azerbaijani MP Tural Ganjali told News.Az.

MP Ganjali slammed the adoption of the recent absurd anti-Azerbaijani document by the French Senate, calling it an ‘interference in Azerbaijan’s internal affairs’.

According to the lawmaker, such a move by the French Senate is most likely to help revanchism in Armenia raise its head again. “It is worth noting that at a time when any progress is observed in the Baku-Yerevan peace process and Armenia sends a response to Azerbaijan’s proposals, France immediately starts taking a destructive position. France continues its pressure on Azerbaijan both on the diplomatic and military-political fronts,” he said.

As for France’ continued weaponization of Armenia, MP Ganjali stated that France still cannot accept the realities emerging in the region. “The French side keeps making unfounded allegations about the so-called “aggression against Armenia” and the so-called “ethnic cleansing in Karabakh”. However, suffice it to take a look at the modern history and present period of France to witness the acts of violence and crimes committed by France against the people of its colonies. We can cite the peoples of Comoros Islands and New Caledonia as an example,” he added.

The lawmaker also emphasized that along with France, the EU has also begun to demonstrate a clear anti-Azerbaijani stance.

“The EU earlier announced its decision not to send its observers for the upcoming snap presidential election in Azerbaijan. This decision is surprising as Azerbaijan has not yet invited the European Parliament and other European institutions to monitor the upcoming election. All this is testimony to the fact that the EU and France cannot accept the new realities in the South Caucasus,” he said.

MP Ganjali stressed that the ongoing smear campaign against Azerbaijan will fail. “Such a campaign is not important for Azerbaijan, which is a leading state in the South Caucasus. A document that is not agreed with Azerbaijan is not acceptable,” the lawmaker added.



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