EU to support transition to clean energy in EaP countries

The European Union (EU) will support energy transition in the Eastern Parnetship (EaP) countries, as it has launched the second phase of its EU4Energy program – “Promoting the Clean Energy Transition in the Eastern Partnership Countries: EU4Energy Phase II, the European Commission said. 

The Program, which will run until December 2024, will contribute to the development of sound legislative and regulatory frameworks for energy, to support the region’s transition to clean energy and the liberalisation of the energy market. It will also address new challenges and opportunities, such as the gradual embedding of digitalisation in all energy-relevant market segments while promoting cost efficiency.

The citizens of Eastern partner countries will benefit from a more stable and resilient energy market, empowering consumers and increasing energy security and promoting the development of clean energy. EU4Energy is funded by the European Union with a total budget of €8.5 million. The Programme highlights the importance of collaboration and cooperation between the EU, implementing partners and beneficiary institutions in implementing reforms and bringing concrete benefits to citizens. The Program will promote the engagement of EaP citizens in its activities and reforms through consultations and roundtables, as well as a series of campaigns to empower and engage citizens directly. A particular focus of the Program will be on gender equality, emphasising the importance of women’s engagement in the energy sector and their potential to take on leadership roles.


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