Exhibition of Ghanaian artist Kojo Marfo to open at Heydar Aliyev Center

An exhibition of the London-based Ghanaian artist Kojo Marfo “Crucible of hope” will be launched at the Heydar Aliyev Center on February 14, News.Az reports. 

The enchanting exhibition will display more than 20 works by the artist inviting viewers on an exploration into the intertwined realms of success, happiness, and the burdens that shape our very existence.

The striking work of this Ghanaian painter living in London, growing up amongst the influences of the ancient Akan art and artists, merging with the influences of graffiti art whilst living in new York City; fused with a strong appreciation of European figurative and surrealist artists.

Through his thought-provoking artworks, Marfo skillfully explores the intricate nature of shared and personal human stories, with each piece carrying the weight of experiences we have lived and continue to live today.

At the heart of ‘Crucible of Hope’ lies a powerful narrative that sheds light on the societal pressures placed upon us to succeed at any expense, often overshadowing the pursuit of true happiness. Marfo’s art becomes a mirror to society, inviting introspection and igniting a dialogue on the complex interplay between success and fulfilment, and how we can reach for a sense of equilibrium.

His paintings reflect a matriarchal energy, a combination of hometown traditions with a neo expressionist style. The vibrant acrylics of families, grandmothers and relationships painted in a luminosity of colour echoing a playful innocence. His artworks resonate the idea of a colour sunny disposition with a deep narrative and complex observations of society and humanity. Using the symbolisms of Kojo’s west African cultures, referencing flowers, gods, fertility dolls and vodou symbols, his work communicates the central aspect of living in this century.

His works have been exhibited internationally, including in Amsterdam, Barcelona, New York City, Paris, London, Tokyo and in other countries.


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