Murder of 613 people in a day is an act of genocide – Political scientist

“32 years have passed since the Khojaly Genocide. Liberation of Azerbaijan’s occupied territories means new realities for us. We mark commemoration day of Khojaly in liberated Khojaly,” Baku-based political scientist Tofig Abbasov told

“President Ilham Aliyev has today made a speech in the groundbreaking ceremony of the Khojaly Genocide Memorial. Later, the President met with the Khojaly community. All of these are important to restore all details. When we could not go to Khojaly, Armenian separatists tried to conceal crimes there. They tried to mislead the world community. However, as we restored infrastructure, during the conduction of excavation works there we saw the reveal of mass cemeteries,” said Mr Abbasov.

“These horrors must be uncovered. The murder of 613 people mercilessly in a day is an act of genocide. More than 200 people are considered missing. Hundreds of people went missing,” added a political scientist.

He also noted that perpetrators of the crime, living abroad, try to prevent uncovering the crimes by standing behind the process: “We should bring them to responsibility. There are international mechanisms in the process. We should take facts on our hands to international instances with the participation of our lawyers. International arbitrages should make a decision based on the facts, we present, and responses must be given. Azerbaijan has enough positive experience in this regard. We should demonstrate persistence in bringing perpetrators of the Khojaly genocide to responsibility until the end. We have enough proof, evidence at hand.”

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