New underground tunnel under construction in Azerbaijan

A single-level railway crossing is being replaced with the underground tunnel as part of the reconstruction of the railway infrastructure on the Baku-Sabunchi-Pirshagi-Sumgait line, Trend reports referring to the Azerbaijan Railways CJSC.

The work is being carried out to ensure road safety at the 13th kilometer of the third picket at the intersection of Asaf Asadullayev and Gambay Vazirov streets (entrance to the Sabunchi station).

In this regard, the appropriate conditions have been created for the movement of vehicles along alternative routes.

“The work is underway to transfer telephone lines, gas, water, sewerage systems and install piles,” the company said. “As soon as the load-bearing walls are prepared, the construction of the tunnel will be launched.”

“The construction of this tunnel will play an important role in ensuring road safety,” the company said. “It is known that numerous shuttle buses cross this crossing. During the movement of trains, cars have to wait for a long time during rush hours until the barrier opens. After commissioning the tunnel, this problem will be eliminated.”

The length of the underground tunnel is 262 meters, while the width is 15 meters. There will be three road branches in the tunnel for the movement of cars - two from Bakikhanov settlement to Sabunchi settlement and one in the opposite direction.


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