Putin, General Staff discuss drones-related problems

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that in the morning he had a discussion with the General Staff about certain drones-related problems in one of the areas of the special military operation.

"In the morning I talked to the General Staff. In one of the areas the complexity of the situation is due to drones," Putin said at a meeting with participants in the forum All for Victory!

He noted that from his daily contacts with the soldiers, who fight at the front line, he drew a conclusion about the importance of drones.

One of the participants in the meeting told the president that with the beginning of the special military operation a group of enthusiasts in microelectronics and programming developed and began to produce devices for detection and comprehensive suppression of UAVs. He asked for an opportunity to embed their activities into a project for developing Russian electronics and gaining access to sources of components. Putin promised to help and instructed Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov right away to look into the matter.

"What you are doing is extremely important. And, of course, we should help you. Denis Manturov, a deputy prime minister and minister of industry is here. We are now making the bulk of investment in revitalizing microelectronics. Not just radio electronics, but microelectronics," Putin said.

He added that there were relevant research institutions in this sphere, which worked effectively and achieved good results. The president complained that the radio-electronic base was an area where there was still much room for improvement.

"This is our Achilles' heel. But we are moving in the right direction. The horizon, so to speak, is not constantly moving away," Putin noted, although he acknowledged that competitors were also moving forward. "But the pace of our movement is good enough. I won't go into details now, because some things are very sensitive. It is better not to talk about them out loud for now," he concluded.

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