Resolution on Georgia in UN GA: Armenia is always on the side of separatists  – political scientist

Armenia intentionally does not participate in the UN GA voting on resolutions on the territorial integrity of countries or votes against such documents, political scientist Ilgar Velizade told News.Az.

He was commenting on the UN GA voting on the resolution "On the status of internally displaced persons and refugees from Abkhazia and the Tskhinvali region / South Ossetia", in which Armenia abstained from voting.

"With these actions, Armenia directly or indirectly considers Georgia's position wrong and sees no need to support it. Given how important this resolution is for Georgia from the point of view of its foreign policy, this step of the Armenian side can undoubtedly be considered anti-Georgian. This suggests that Armenia is always on the separatist side. I think this is a message to the Georgian leadership," he said.

The political scientist notes that all this is happening against the background of Pashinyan's "verbal statements" about the importance of strengthening bilateral ties with Georgia.

"Here, as in the case of Azerbaijan, the words and deeds of the Armenian leadership with regard to Georgia differ. And this non-participation, and, in fact, non-recognition of Georgia's territorial integrity, shows Armenia's contemptuous attitude toward the norms and principles of international law. They apply the same attitude towards Azerbaijan.  Armenia always makes it clear that it acts according to some principles and norms of its own, which are in line with its invasion policy," Velizade is confident.

The political scientist also underlined that at one time the Armenian Baghramyan battalion was actively involved in ethnic cleansing on the territory of Abkhazia and the then political leadership of Armenia was closely connected to those militants.


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