Russian expert: Azerbaijan will respond with dignity to all provocations of Armenians

Armenia has nothing else to do but carry out provocations, Russian political scientist, security and conflict expert Yevgeny Mikhailov told

According to him, it is obvious that Azerbaijan, due to better military training, conducts large-scale military exercises and allocates large funding to the army to keep the troops on full alert.

"Yerevan is so tense and scared, having seen large-scale military exercises, that it has undertaken a provocation on the line of contact of the troops, about which the media wrote. Armenia is unable to do more," he said.

Y. Mikhailov also notes that it is obvious that Russia and Azerbaijan are cooperating quite closely, developing maps in this direction, and relations between the presidents of the two countries are friendly. What, in his opinion, can not be said about Moscow's attitude to Yerevan.    

"We witnessed that Vladimir Putin did not officially talk to Armenian Prime Minister Pashinyan on the eve of Victory Day. This is a signal to Yerevan that it is on the wrong path. And it shows that Russia's efforts to sit Yerevan down at the negotiating table are not yet yielding the right result. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has already said that it's time to sit down at the negotiating table and solve the issue of de-occupation of the buffer zone areas, on which preliminary agreements were reached earlier.    

We can say that the current authorities in Armenia are not responsible for their actions and those of their predecessors.  There is no continuity, it shows that the statehood is very weak, if some are not responsible for the actions of others. They always start anew, well, what kind of state this is?"

The expert is convinced that there is no need to rely on the fact that Yerevan is able to negotiate.

And that's why it's necessary just to act further, as before.

"This, first of all, is because Russia is not set up to have military actions on its side. It will do its best to ensure that the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is de-escalated without the use of force. But at the same time, if Yerevan implements large-scale provocations, Azerbaijan, in my opinion, can respond to that. If it is substantiated, Russia and the CSTO countries will have no claims. Because the CSTO is an organization that protects the territories of its member countries. And Nagorno-Karabakh is a separatist and unrecognized region. Its legal status is assigned to Azerbaijan in all international platforms. Once extremists were allowed to seize it, but now the trick called "save us, your brothers, we are offended" will not work. Russia now does not take a one-sided position, as it was often accused. This was not the case before, and even more so now.  Yerevan has no other choice yet but to go along with those statements, but it does not. All that is left are provocations. I think that Azerbaijan will cope with these things and will respond with dignity on both diplomatic and military levels. And it will be so much well-founded that no one will be able to make claims," concluded Yevgeny Mikhailov.


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