US doesn't want conflict with Iran - State Department

The US doesn't want a conflict with Iran, US State Department Spokesman Matthew Miller said during a briefing on January 31, speaking about the attacks of Houthi militia.

The Houthis, controlling significant parts of Yemen, have been conducting drone and missile strikes on shipping in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden since November 19, 2023. They justify these attacks as a reaction to Israel's military actions in Gaza. Houthi militia has stated it plans more attacks on United States and British warships. In the recent escalation, the Houthis launched missiles targeting the US warship USS Gravely. On Tuesday night, US Central Command reported that its forces successfully intercepted an anti-ship cruise missile.

"With respect to all of these groups, we will judge them by their actions, not by what they say, and what we have seen. A number of these proxy groups take actions against United States personnel and against United States interests. And as we've made clear, we will hold them accountable for those actions. We have ways to make our interests known to Iran when it's in our interest to do so. But I don't think our position is lost on Iran. I think they know quite clearly that we, number one, don't want escalation in the region and number two, we want the attacks on our personnel to stop. And number three, we will hold accountable those groups that launched the attacks at a time and place of our choosing," noted Miller.

He pointed out that the US doesn't seek a conflict with Iran.

"We don't want a conflict with Iran. We don't seek a conflict with any party in the region, and we don't think conflict is in anyone's interest, but it is incumbent upon the United States to protect our military and we will do that," added Miller.

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