Vocational education – an integral part of the education system (ANALYTICS)

Vocational education in Azerbaijan was an integral part of the country's education system.

Azerbaijan has a multi-level education system that includes primary, secondary, and higher education. Vocational education and training are part of the secondary education system.

Vocational education is provided through specialized vocational schools and lyceums. These institutions offer practical and skill-oriented training to prepare students for specific trades and professions.

The vocational education curriculum typically includes both theoretical and practical components. Students receive hands-on training in their chosen field, allowing them to acquire practical skills relevant to their future professions.

Vocational education programs often collaborate with industries and businesses to ensure that the skills taught are aligned with the demands of the job market. This collaboration can involve internships, apprenticeships, and other forms of hands-on experience.

The Azerbaijani government has shown a commitment to improving the quality of vocational education to meet the evolving needs of the economy. This may involve the development of new programs, updating curriculum, and investing in infrastructure and equipment for vocational institutions.

To develop vocational education in the country, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev on April 2026, signed a decree to establish the State Agency for Vocational Education under the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The State Agency for Vocational Education is an executive body providing and coordinating the implementation of state policy in the field of vocational education and organizing the activities of vocational education institutions under the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan holds conferences, seminars, and practical exercises on the development and promotion of vocational education. The recent conference was held on December 2023 – "The development path of vocational education in Azerbaijan for a strong economy: a vision of the future".

The country’s Minister of Science and Education, Emin Amrullayev, who participated in the conference, said that it is planned to build eight new vocational training institutions in the liberated territories. "The construction of a new educational institution has been started in the city of Fuzuli, and the process of reconstruction of vocational education has also been started in the city of Shusha. In addition, it is planned to open a vocational training institution in Khankendi as part of Garabagh University."

Azerbaijan engages in international partnerships and collaborations to enhance its vocational education system. This can involve sharing best practices, participating in joint projects, and adopting international standards.

EU, UNDP, and the State Agency on Vocational Education launched a series of inclusive vocational trainings. As part of the EU-funded “VET for the Future” project, the Baku State Vocational Education and Training Center for Culture and Crafts organizes short-term vocational training in the art directions of stained glass and floristry for the first time in the country.

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