Western Azerbaijan Community sends letter to Armenian Prime Minister

As is known, the Western Azerbaijan Community has developed a concept of safe and dignified return based on international law. The community is determined to achieve the process of return in a peaceful manner and has chosen the path of dialogue to fulfil it. With this in mind, the community explains its position to international organizations and relevant states through both political and diplomatic channels, News.az reports.

It is beyond doubt that an important part of the return process to be carried out at the political level should be the dialogue with the Armenian government. While keeping a historical memory of the tremendous tragedies unleashed by the Armenian side on the people of Azerbaijan, we do acknowledge that the road to peace and development lies through dialogue and reconciliation, the press service of the Western Azerbaijan Community told AZERTAC.

It was noted that with this intention in mind, the community had sent a letter to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia, Nikol Pashinyan, urging him to start a dialogue on the issue of return. In the letter, the community calls on the Armenian government to create conditions for a safe and dignified return of the Azerbaijanis expelled from the territory of Armenia in line with the right of return established in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and other important international acts. The letter also emphasizes that individual and collective rights of the Azerbaijanis should be provided after their return to their homeland.

It is stated in the letter that it is unacceptable to portray the legitimate demands of the Azerbaijanis in regards to a peaceful return to their homes as an attempt to compromise the territorial integrity or sovereignty of Armenia.

The letter further notes that while the community is always ready for a dialogue with the Armenian government on issues of mutual interest, it emphasizes that the return process of the Azerbaijanis and provision of their individual and collective rights in the post-return phase should take place within the framework of relevant international mechanisms.

Proceeding from the principles of justice and reconciliation, we have opted for a peaceful approach based on human rights and reintegration and are appealing directly to the Armenian government with a call for dialogue. The Armenian government is expected to respond to this call and start a dialogue with us in good faith in order to put an end to the injustice it has inflicted on the Azerbaijanis for decades by displacing them from their homes.

The community is determined to continue its peaceful efforts on the basis of international law in order to ensure the right of the expelled Azerbaijanis to return to their homes.

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