Western Azerbaijan community condemns misuse of Prof. Lemkin's name

Recently, a structure named Lemkin Institute for the Prevention of Genocide has been regularly opposing Azerbaijan, the statement of the Western Azerbaijan Community (WAC) said, News.Az reports.

''The activity of this institution, which turns a blind eye to the fact that there is not a sole Azerbaijani in Armenia, as well as the numerous acts of genocide committed by this state, which has kept the territory of Azerbaijan under occupation for almost 30 years, consists, it can be said, solely of vilifying Azerbaijan,'' the statement says.

The Community noted that the genuine reasons for the zeal of this fictitious institution become known with a scrutiny of the information published in open sources about its "activities".

"This "institute", financed by the fraudster Ruben Vardanyan and another fraudster Nubar Afyan, who are under investigation in Azerbaijan on charges of financing terrorism, is a group of hired scribblers. Not surprisingly, radical elements of the Armenian diaspora, such as Poghosyan and Mirzoyan, are represented in the organization. The Western Azerbaijan Community strongly condemns the slander of Azerbaijan by these circles and the abuse of the name of Professor Rafael Lemkin (1900-1959), who played an important role in the formation of the international struggle against genocide, to carry out these heinous actions. The community urges states, international organizations, and civil society to fight such disinformation campaigns conducted by radical Armenian nationalist circles," the statement of the WAC stressed.


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