Why did Pashinyan send his son to Karabakh?

The fact that the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan sent his son to military service in the occupied Nagorno-Karabakh is a violation of the norms of international law and even the laws of Armenia itself.

Azerbaijani political analyst Arzu Nagiyev has shared the due opinion with Oxu.az.

According to him, the head of one state has sent his son to serve in the self-proclaimed "NKR", unrecognized even by the Armenians themselves.

"I think that this is, first of all, cheap populism, secondly, the political course before the elections, caused, of course, by the lack of recruits so that Pashinyan could reproach other leaders," the political scientist said.

He noted that besides this, Pashinyan took advantage of this and appealed to conscripts living abroad to appear in the military commissariats for military service.

"How can Pashinyan sit down at the negotiating table, if his son serves in the occupied lands? Hence, he himself encourages and confirms the fact of occupation. Secondly, I think that the commanders of the occupation forces will not be happy with the appearance of the son of the Armenian leader, since all information about the shortcomings in the units will be known to the country's leadership," Nagiyev said, adding that in the near future Pashinyan will return his son back - for military service in the territory of Armenia.



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