World's first gold-plated hotel opens in Vietnam

The world's first gold-plated hotel opens in the Vietnamese capital city of Hanoi, The Daily Mail reported.

The world's first gold-plated hotel—which features golden cutlery, cups, toilet seat, and an infinity pool—has given the word “extravagant” a new meaning.

The five-star Dolce Hanoi Golden Lake hotel cost £160million to build and offers guests the chance to have a wash in a golden bath, relax in a golden infinity pool and marvel at the gold-plated lobby.

Even the exterior of the building has been covered in around a ton of gold.

But at a price of just $250 per night, the hotel owners are hoping to attract people of all backgrounds.

Huu Duong, chairman of the Hoa Binh group which owns the hotel, said the price of a room has been kept relatively low because all the hotel's gold was sourced locally which helped to keep construction costs down. 

“Our group has a factory that can do gold-plated stuff, so the cost for our equipment and furniture here is quite cheap,” Duong said.

But it is not just the furnishings that are gold-plated, as every meal served in the hotel will be mixed with a mystery “gold substance.”

Despite the coronavirus lockdown limiting the tourism trade in Vietnam, Duong believes the hotel will make money next year.


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