A total of 565 Azerbaijani citizens and their families have been evacuated from Türkiye - MFA

Work continues to identify and provide assistance to Azerbaijani citizens affected by the earthquake in Türkiye, News.az reports citing Azerbaijan's Foreign Ministry.

A total of 565 Azerbaijani citizens and their families have been evacuated from Türkiye. The evacuation process currently continues.

"In order to provide the necessary medical, humanitarian, and psychological assistance to Azerbaijani citizens and members of their families evacuated from Türkiye, as well as to take measures to accommodate them, if necessary, in temporary accommodation facilities, instructions have been given to the relevant state institutions of Azerbaijan," said the statement.

According to the ministry, thousands of appeals received through the hotlines were investigated, a list of Azerbaijani citizens about whom there is no information was prepared, and appropriate work was carried out with Turkish agencies in order to obtain information about them. As a result, the whereabouts of many Azerbaijani citizens were determined and communication with them was established.

"Currently, there is no information about the two Azerbaijani citizens, the search continues. As a result of the search and rescue measures carried out, it was determined that 10 Azerbaijani citizens were killed during the earthquake. Of these, one person was buried in Türkiye, and the bodies of the others were sent to Azerbaijan, accompanied by relatives in Türkiye. We express our deep condolences to the families of compatriots who died as a result of the earthquake," said the ministry.

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