Alarm signal for special services: the secret army for the liberation of Armenia in Karabakh

One of the terrorists of the Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia (ASALA) Abram Tovmasyan, who took part in organizing the terrorist attack at Orly airport (Paris, France), and then allegedly retired, died in a car accident in Lebanon. What did he do in Lebanon?

The officially secret army for the liberation of Armenia, created in 1975 in Beirut, ceased its activities due to internal divisions in the 90s of the last century, having managed, however, to be noted in the battles for Nagorno-Karabakh.

But this is exactly the situation when the "dead man" turned out to be imaginary. The pragmatic special services of Armenia and secret units within the Armenian diaspora would never have allowed ASALA and its activists to sink into oblivion, not a single intelligence agency is scattered with such personnel.

That is why this strike force of Armenian ultra-nationalists could not get away from the business in any way - it was simply transferred to "deep conservation" mode.

Having received serious money from the Armenian diasporas abroad, yesterday's terrorists turned into respectable businessmen and financiers, starting a new stage in their lives - penetrating the microfinance system in Lebanon and creating a network of firms and offices that act as "paddle" in delicate operations for their VIP clients: Yerevan, the Palestinians from Hamas, the Kurds from PKK and other equally questionable people.

However, ASALA's "sleeping agents" have never been critical in their choice of partners, taking money for the "holy struggle against Turkish colonialism" from everyone who gave - from the Iranian Shah and the USSR to Muammar Gaddafi, Yasser Arafat and Hafez Assad, the father of the current Syrian president. And now they have nothing to be ashamed of - business first, and, as they say, "if the cash is there, we don't care".

But the trumpet sounded, and the Armenian security services needed it immediately and in a hurry, and yesterday's killers and terrorists are back in line preparing to fight for Armenia against Ankara and Baku. Operation "Return to the Roots" is gaining momentum, and the old members, which have become obscure and have grown tied up with the very grimness of the Middle East, feel in demand again.

Homegrown leader of Karabakh Arayik Harutyunyan is proud of his historical role today - he was given a prominent place in the plans to create a colony of Lebanese and Syrian Armenians in the occupied Azerbaijani territories. But, as is always the case with Yerevan, nuances appeared immediately.

First, the operation "Return to the Roots" on the scale planned by the Armenian side, and we are talking about the resettlement of 100-150 thousand families from Lebanon, Syria and Palestine, is absolutely unaffordable for modern Armenia from a financial point of view. They need substantial donations from outside, but at the same time, their collection and distribution should be carried out by non-Armenian officials, whose tendency to steal has already become the talk of the town.

For these purposes, as well as for the initial selection of colonists-migrants in the territories of their current residence, ASALA personnel were required. This, in fact, was what Abram Tovmasyan was doing, driving around Lebanon and Syria in search of candidates for resettlement until a banal traffic accident put the last point in the stormy life of this terrorist.

But his death on September 5 did not slow down the implementation of operation "Return to the Roots". As they say, "the detachment did not notice the loss of the fighter" and everything is going in accordance with the plan approved in June of this year in Marseilles, at a meeting of representatives of ASALA, Dashnaktsutyun, and emissaries of Yerevan: through microfinance credit organizations (MFCO) in Lebanon, a monetary fund is formed, which will issue loans to colonists-migrants to the occupied territories.

Moreover, ASALA has an almost key role in this scheme. The money will go through the MFCOs, which they control, the recruitment of candidates is also on them, and the delivery of colonists to the places of collection and dispatch to Armenia is planned to be carried out using ASALA's connections with the armed groups of Palestinians and Kurds.

And here it is time to talk about the "second" of the whole story, which I am sure will eventually be included in Armenian intelligence textbooks. Separatist leader Araik Harutyunyan is a very emotional and enthusiastic person, to put it mildly. He is, you know, the reincarnation of Trotsky and Lord Palmerston rolled into one.

That is, he talks delirium from the stands with enthusiasm and without stuttering, but he is not capable of leading the operation of the strategic scale.

Naturally, the services of the Armenian ultra-nationalist strike team, which periodically trades in terror, are not free for Yerevan, and we are not only talking about the percentage that the MCFO controlled by them in Lebanon and Syria will receive.

The fighting groups of Armenian diasporas abroad will receive solid land plots in the occupied territories. It will be obvious that training camps or "educational centers" that were discussed at the meeting in Marseille will be located there later.

It is clear that the services of Palestinian and Kurdish militants will not remain without payment in money and hospitality. As a result, the call of murderers and terrorists, all this criminal scale of the Middle East creates danger of turning Armenia's occupied territories into an enclave of lawlessness and a source of terrorist threats. Apparently, this is why the US CIA and the Russian FSB took the information about operation "Return to the Roots" as an alarm signal.

The original article by author Elnur Eminoghlu was published in Russian on portal


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