All urban planning, environmental standards are being fully complied with in liberated Azerbaijani territories: President Aliyev

“Entrepreneurship is developing. I support that, and many steps are being taken in this direction. However, all rules must be complied with, especially in construction, agriculture and tourism. It is necessary to see to what extent a facility being established meets the architectural style of this or that region, to what extent it meets modern standards, whether or not its construction coefficient is in line with the standards,” said President Ilham Aliyev as he received Araz Ahmadov on his appointment as head of Masalli District Executive Authority, Akbar Abbasov on his appointment as head of Lerik District Executive Authority and Elvin Pashayev on his appointment as head of Goygol District Executive Authority.

“Unfortunately, many high-rise buildings that were once built in Baku do not comply with any urban planning norms. Why? Because illegal things were committed. Heads of the district executive authority issued illegal permits and, as a result, the principles of urban planning suffered a huge blow. Therefore, it is very difficult to fix them now. At this stage, however, we cannot allow urban planning norms to be violated. For example, all urban planning and environmental standards are being fully complied with in the territories freed from occupation – in fact, the standards of the most developed countries of the world,” the head of state added.


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