Ambassador: Azerbaijan and Russia work closely on the issue of returning citizens to their homeland

Azerbaijan and Russia have a deep mutual understanding on the issue of returning their citizens to their homeland.

According to News.Az, the due statement came from the Ambassador of Russia to Azerbaijan Mikhail Bocharnikov while speaking at a press conference on the occasion of the Day of Russia.

He noted that the embassy is cooperating with the Operational Headquarters of the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan and coordinates its steps in this matter.

Regarding the return of Azerbaijani citizens from Russia, he noted that the return procedure is still the same.

"Azerbaijani citizens must register on a special portal. Quite a significant part of Azerbaijani citizens is located on the border with Dagestan. Now, 120-30 people cross the land border daily. Just on June 9, 131 Azerbaijani citizens crossed the border with Russia," he said.

The ambassador also noted that currently in Azerbaijan there is a fairly large number of Russian citizens who want to return to their homeland.

“For the most part, these are people whose relatives are here or have come for business or other reasons. At present, according to our list, more than 4 thousand Russian citizens have applied for return. We are doing this through the Dagestan section of our border. We have to do this regularly, commensurate with the limited capabilities of colleagues from Dagestan. Recently, with the participation of the embassy, 1,172 citizens of the Russian Federation were taken out to Russia, mainly by land route, and one Aeroflot flight was carried out. This situation has also been taken under control by the presidents."


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