ANCM hosted exhibition “Two Hearts One Destiny” - PHOTO

An exhibition “Two Hearts One Destiny”, representing the creativity of remarkable Azerbaijani artists Ujal Hagverdiyev and Elena Hagverdiyeva opened at the Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum (ANCM), reports.

The exhibition featured 54 paintings and works of decorative and applied art. These include a series of paintings Carpet Gardens by Elena Hagverdiyeva and a never-seen-before facet of Ujal Hagverdiyev's strikingly versatile creativity in painting and graphics, murals, poetry, and applied art.

Speaking at the ceremony, Director of the National Museum of Art Shirin Malikova said that more than one year has been worked to organize this exhibition.

Nargiz Abdullayeva, head of the department for museums galleries, and exhibitions at the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan spoke about the works displayed at the exhibition.

She noted that such exhibitions serve to pass the art of both artists to future generations.

Chairman of the Union of Artists Farhad Khalilov said that Ujal Hagverdiyev and Elena Hagverdiyeva were very talented: “Both Yelena and Ujal supported each other as artists. Because from the first days of their work, they were able to show themselves as a talented artist.”

Honored artist Yelena Hagverdiyeva gave detailed information about the exhibition and thanked the guests.

Then the participants got acquainted with the exhibition.

The ANCM organized masterclasses and lectures within the exhibition.

Note that the exhibition runs until 19 June.

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