Armenian PM Pashinyan misleads international community, says political scientist

The statement made by Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan during his meeting with the Armenian community in Munich regarding the “failure of the international community to support Karabakh’s right to self-determination” is aimed at justifying Armenia’s territorial claims to Azerbaijan, political scientist Matin Mammadli told News.Az.

The political scientist called Pashinyan’s claims groundless and unsuccessful. “Today, Azerbaijan and Armenia are in talks for signing a peace treaty. It would have been more correct if Pashinyan had declared that Armenia has no territorial claims to Azerbaijan and is ready to sign a peace treaty. ”

Mammadli underlined that unfortunately, Armenia’s legislative acts, namely the 1990 declaration of independence, the Constitution adopted in 1995 and the 1992 decision of Armenia’s Supreme Council, especially stress territorial claims to Azerbaijan.

“As long as Armenia keeps making territorial claims to Azerbaijan, there cannot be lasting peace in the region. Armenia must, first of all, amend its legislative documents. The Azerbaijani side has always expressed this position,” he said.

The political scientist also described Pashinyan’s accusations against Azerbaijan as unfounded.

“The Armenian prime minister’s accusing Azerbaijan of not fulfilling the trilateral statement of 2020 is aimed at misleading the international community. However, Armenia still ignores its obligations under the trilateral statement,” Mammadli added.


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