Azerbaijan beat Belarus in the League of Nations

Azerbaijan national team played another match today in the second round of the League of Nations, reports.

Azerbaijan met this time with the national team of Belarus. The meeting of the outsiders of the group was of great importance in terms of the fate of the last stage.

This time Azerbaijan's national team managed to please their fans in the match at "Dalga Arena". The team, which failed to break the resistance of the opponent in the first half, thanks to the balls of Mahir Emreli and Ramil Sheydayev, won its first victory in the group in the last minutes and climbed to the 3rd line in the standings. Note that these are the first goals of our team in the tournament.

It should be noted that in another match of the group, Kazakhstan beat Slovakia with a score of 2:1 and strengthened its leadership.

League C, Group 3

June 13

⚽ 20:00. Azerbaijan - Belarus-2:0

Goals: Mahir Emreli, 76, Ramil Sheydayev, 90+3

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