Azerbaijan considers exporting its products to 34 foreign markets

Azerbaijan is exploring the possibility of exporting its products to the markets of 34 countries, Deputy Economy Minister Sahil Babayev told a press conference in Baku Sept. 16.

“We want to not only ensure the sale of our products abroad, but also assess the future [export] potential. We received various requests from local entrepreneurs, based on which we started analyzing 34 foreign markets. Regarding each of the markets, we analyze the possibility of supplying specific products. For instance, for Kazakh market it is wine,” he said.

“We examine what competitors currently operate in this market, in what price range their products are sold, what logistics capabilities a country has for the supply of wine and what is the purchasing dynamics. After analyzing this information, we give it to our exporters,” he said.

Ads of Azerbaijani products will be broadcast on foreign TV channels from October, Babayev said, adding that Azerbaijani products will also be advertised on various websites, radio and other media.

“We expect that starting next year, we will be able to advertise our products in Duty Free zones at international airports. We also conduct successful negotiations with Azerbaijan Airlines CJSC and the state company SOCAR.

Thus, stands with products under the Made in Azerbaijan brand will appear in local airports and Azerbaijani products will be sold at SOCAR’s filling stations in foreign countries.”


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