Azerbaijan continues admission of new conscripts in military units (VIDEO)

The admission of young soldiers to training military units of the Azerbaijan Army in pursuance of the execution of the relevant Order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan continues, the Defense Ministry said, reports.

"After being registered at the military units’ reception points, conscripts who recently joined military service are re-examined by the military medical commission at medical points and fully provided with seasonal military uniforms and other types of supplies," the ministry noted.

"In all military units, special attention is paid to the nutrition of personnel. High-calorie and high-quality food is cooked in soldiers' canteens by following sanitary and hygienic rules," explained the ministry. "Conscripts are informed in detail about the features of military service, security rules, and requirements of regulations. Educational and individual talks are conducted with them, and their psychological states are studied."

"Individual training classes are held with conscripts in accordance with the training program of new conscripts," the ministry added.

In November of last year, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev signed an order on conscription of the country's citizens for fixed-term active military service and the dismissal of servicemen of fixed-term active military service from January 1 through January 30, 2024.

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