Azerbaijan detains people involved in secret collaboration with Armenian special services

The State Security Service of Azerbaijan continues its comprehensive activities to prevent the intelligence and subversive activities of foreign special services directed against Azerbaijan. 

As a result of the measures taken, Rashad Ahmadov was detained on suspicions of treason and planning to commit terrorist provocations in Azerbaijan on behalf of the Armenian special services, having settled in the territory of a third country. He has been brought to criminal responsibility in Azerbaijan, the State Security Service said on Tuesday, News.Az reports. 

Akhmedov, together with Rovshan Amirov, and other persons whom he attracted on the basis of the tasks given to him, prepared video materials containing open calls for inciting hostility in Azerbaijan on ethnic and religious grounds. These videos were created by the Armenian special services and, under their control, were distributed on Youtube channels and other social networks in the Azerbaijani language.

Also, under the auspices of the Armenian special services, distribution of 200 fake maps compiled by the professor at Yerevan State University Garnik Asatrian and others was carried out.

In addition, the detainees were engaged in planning actions with the commission of explosions, fires and other socially dangerous acts on the territory of the country in order to demonstrate the alleged intentions of the Azerbaijani citizens to "commit riots on ethnic and religious grounds", involving other persons in criminal activities, and also carried out other tasks given to him to prepare terrorist provocations.

Ahmadov is charged under articles 274 (high treason), 28, 214.1 (preparation for terrorism) and 281.3 (public calls for anti-state activities on behalf of foreign organizations and their representatives). Amirov is charged under articles 274 (high treason) and 281.3 (public calls for anti-state activities on behalf of foreign organizations and their representatives) of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan. They were arrested by a court decision. 

The criminal investigation into the incident is underway.


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