Azerbaijan inaugurates new training center on frontline - PHOTOS

Azerbaijan’s defense minister and other senior military officials on Thursday attended the opening of a training center, headquarters building and soldiers’ bar

Azerbaijan’s military leadership is on a visit to the frontline to inspect the combat readiness of military units due to the increasing number of provocative actions by the Armenian army.

At the training center there is a control room and a headquarters building, the necessary infrastructure was created to accommodate personnel.

The training points, built close to real combat conditions and modeled in accordance with the situation on the frontline, are designed for the conduct of shooting exercises and trainings to improve practical military and special equipment management skills in complex terrain and adverse weather conditions.

All the necessary conditions were created in the training center for teaching and practical training of different combat tasks, including fighting in complex train, carrying out reconnaissance actions and taking effective measures against the enemy during hostilities.

At the end, the defense minister gave relevant instructions and recommendations.


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