Azerbaijan secures control over its territories: Political scientist

The surveillance cameras incapacitated during Azerbaijan’s anti-terror measures in the Karabakh region in September 2023 were installed on the territory of Azerbaijan by the Armenian army in two stages, political scientist Zaur Mammadov told News.Az.

“The first stage dates back to the period after the 2016 April battles. At that time, some countries promptly made this decision together with the Armenian authorities and the Armenian diaspora. Even this was the first time in the history of Armenia that such a decision was made regarding surveillance cameras. However, these cameras were destroyed during the 44-day Second Karabakh War,” Mammadov said.

The political scientist pointed out that after the signing of the trilateral statement on 10 November 2020, Armenia commenced the second stage of installing surveillance cameras on the territory of Azerbaijan.

“Such a move by Armenia was absolute nonsense. Azerbaijan secures control over its territories. In such a case, what will these cameras give the Armenian side? However, Armenia’s goal to continue the occupation of Azerbaijani territories has failed,” he added.

Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry earlier said that the tracking and surveillance means of the Armenian armed forces, which had been detected in advance in trenches, firing positions, strongholds and in permanent dislocations were eliminated as legitimate military targets at the initial stage of the anti-terror measures conducted by the Azerbaijan Army in the Karabakh region.

It should be noted that more than 200 improvised optoelectronic and surveillance cameras which used to belong to the Armenian armed forces were installed at an altitude of 10-15 and 20-30 meters along the contact line up to 480 kilometers in order to monitor the movement of the Azerbaijan Army Units and civilians and carry out various provocative activities against them.

Optoelectronic and surveillance cameras of the Armenian armed forces, identified by the intelligence means in the Karabakh economic region, have been incapacitated by the use of high-precision weapons which are in the armament of the Azerbaijan Army.


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