Azerbaijan stays patient amid all provocations of Armenia and its patrons - political scientist

All provocations against Azerbaijan are masterminded by Armenia and its patrons, primarily France, Rizvan Huseynov, a political scientist and historian, told News.Az.

Huseynov noted that Azerbaijan takes a righteous stance, and it will manage to solve all matters, including the issue related to the territories where the Russian peacekeeping contingent is temporarily stationed and the border issue with Armenia.

“Yerevan and its patrons, primarily France, are currently trying to trigger escalation in order to present Azerbaijan as an “aggressor” and achieve the imposition of sanctions against Baku at the upcoming UN Security Council session in mid-September,” the political scientist said.

“To that end, Armenia and its patrons regularly resort to provocations in order to make Azerbaijan launch a military operation. After that, Armenia and France will make a noise about the so-called “genocide” and urge international organizations to exert pressure on Azerbaijan,” he added.

The political scientist stressed that Azerbaijan is currently staying patient amid all provocations of Armenia and its patrons. “Azerbaijan has the right to respond to these provocations both by diplomatic and military means,” he said.


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