Azerbaijan to host international congress on longevity for the first time

The capital Baku will host the International Congress and Exhibition, Viva La Vida. The first International Congress on longevity will be held with the support of the Ministry of Health and partnership with Sea Breeze Resort. Organizers of the Congress are Hajar Jafarova, founder of the Sea Breeze Anti-Aging Center, and founder of the accredited professional academy specializing in SPA and Wellness - AWWA (Aesthetic & Wellness World Academy) and Aesthetic & Wellness Association; Ilona Ansone, founder of Possumus, a company dedicated to the development of Longevity, Medical Spa and Wellness centers. Specialist in mental health and body-oriented therapy.

Congress includes living longer and happier lives by improving the quality of life of people in the modern world. The event, which will take place on March 16-17, 2023, will bring together the world's foremost experts in the field of active longevity. Among the speakers at the event will be the world-famous expert on endocrinology Dr. Thierry Hertoghe, Dr. Alex Witasek, who won world awards for the best detox programs, Elizabeth Parrish, who became the first human being to be successfully rejuvenated by gene therapy, Chris Moore, one of the ideologues of integrative and personalized medicine, and Dr. Yulia Yusipova, author of the “Longevity Roadmap” bestseller and founder of the European Longevity University. The Congress, which will be held at the Baku Marriott Hotel Boulevard, can be attended by experts whose professional specialization covers the protection of health and longevity, consumers who can improve the quality of life, representatives of companies offering practical solutions, and those who are not indifferent to the desire for active longevity. Registration is required to attend the Viva La Vida - Longevity Congress and Expo.

A complete list of congress speakers and guests, as well as registration queries, can be found on the event website


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