Azerbaijani police detain 16 more Iranian spies

Azerbaijan's Ministry of Internal Affairs continues activities to expose Iranian spy networks in the country, reports citing the Ministry.

As a result of the operation, Azerbaijani Police detained 16 persons who were involved in the promotion of religious radicalism and other disruptive activities in Azerbaijan.

The goal of the people who carried out the tasks of the religiopolitical centers, mainly controlled by Iran, was to use drug addicts and superstitious people as tools for their dirty intentions.

There are a lot of undeniable facts about the connections and disruptive activities of the next network members in their social network accounts who were exposed by the police.

The detained persons are:

S. Mammadov

R. Rustamov

A. Asadullayev

C. Balashov

V. Punhanaliyev

V. Farzaliyev

T. Gasimov

T. Mirishov

M. Mamedov

M. Ahmadov

I. Hasanov

A. Firudunbeyli

M. Fataliyev

M. Rzayev

Sh. Suleymanov

A. Aliyev

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