Azerbaijani public appeals to Russia’s president on murder of 19-year-old Azerbaijani

The Azerbaijani public has appealed to Russian President Vladimir Putin on the murder of 19-year-old Azerbaijani Vakil Abdullayev.

The appeal reads: 

“Dear Vladimir Putin! The Azerbaijani public is deeply outraged by the fact that, on the instructions of the head of the Investigative Committee of Russia, Alexander Bystrikin, the chief inspector of the traffic police of the Novosibirsk region, Alexander Gusev, who mortally wounded 19-year-old Azerbaijani Vekil Abdullayev, was released from custody. 

As known, the incident took place on May 28 near the village of Moshkovo. According to the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, the traffic police officers stopped the car for speeding, in which the victim was, after being pursued. When the law enforcement officers caught up with the offenders, the young people ran out of the cars and rushed in all directions, but they managed to detain one of the fugitives, after which a scuffle ensued. Vakil Abdullayev came to the rescue, who was shot in the head by police officer Alexander Gusev. 

We regard the release from custody of a police officer who has exceeded his authority not only as concealment and approval of the crime but also as an encouragement for those who suffer from xenophobia. 

We include in this category of people a member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, a candidate for the State Duma from United Russia party, Maria Butina, who not only approved the policeman's actions but also offered to "reward for service”.

We regard her statement as instilling xenophobia and intolerance in a country that we consider friendly, respect and honor its traditions, language and culture, the spirit of internationalism, tolerance and those spiritual values for which Russia has always been famous. The Azerbaijani public would be ready to treat with understanding such a manifestation of the psychological incompatibility of Maria Butina with people of other nationalities, motivating with the mental trauma received in the dungeons of an American prison, but only if she makes a public apology not only to the family of the shot guy but to everything to the Azerbaijani people.

As for the actions of the policeman, our public does not see any reason to fire the shot, which the law enforcement agencies are trying to present as “not an intentional action” by Alexander Gusev. Who among those holding a weapon can believe that it itself reacted to the "violator" who allegedly "threatened the life" of the policeman? The statement is unsubstantiated for many reasons. Did Vekil Abdullayev have a pistol in his hands? What exactly did the young guy shot by Gusev threaten with? Nothing!

The question arises, to what extent does this kind of insubordination give the right to use weapons? The muzzle of the pistol was directed against an absolutely defenseless young man. And these actions, of course, were illegal.

Dear Vladimir Putin, we cannot even imagine that something like this would happen in Azerbaijan. But who knows what will happen tomorrow if people like Gusev and Butina, having forgotten the moral law of their ancestors, calling not to shed innocent blood in vain, will join the ranks of people professing the ideology of intolerance and xenophobia? The world is already walking along the edge of the abyss, risking falling into the abyss. So, should we ignore the actions of the "Gusevs", "Butins" and "Bastrykins"?

More than 10 million people live in our country. These are people of different ethnic, linguistic groups and nationalities. And all of them today with intense attention await a just decision from you. We believe that the people involved in this dirty story with the murder of Abdullayev should be justly punished."


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